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TOP PICKS: Candy for the eyes, mouth and brain.

Friday, July 8th, 2011


Although I haven’t bought anything form Gilt Taste yet, I visit the site every day. You should too. Lust-worthy photos, carefully curated products and smart writing (overseen by Ruth herself), inspires my inner cook and foodnik soul. Read the stories, they may be the best part.


The iconic “M” emblem from her posts clutters my Facebook feed daily. But it’s a good kind of clutter, full of juicy local food news, thoughtful reflections on AZ culture and saucy spy secrets. After all, she’s the “Agent of Secrets.” Duh.


The branding queens at See Saw Designs just plain rule. Their kingdom extends far beyond a typical, boring company website to a dreamy land of daily inspirations where a mishmash of fashion, interior design, graphic design, etcetera always bring a smile and a sigh.


An epic “Food Fight” on the Tempe High School tennis court.

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

I’m a little behind on my posts lately. Valentine’s week is always killer busy for our industry so cut me some slack and enjoy this soon-to-be literary classic. Please contact me directly for movie deal proposals.


So who was the real winner? Probably Robbie Fox’s Public House who took our money in exchange for some post-match beers. Big thanks to @ChowBellaPHX, @JessHarter, and @ChefGwen for their unwavering support of my athletic career. I would share the trophy, but it was eaten along with a frosty Guinness.

A haiku offering to you Michele.

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Michele chats and chews

Lead us with your fork and spoon

Food in your stomach

She’s always jet setting to Japan, so I thought a haiku would be appropriate thanks for the shout out from Phoenix New Times food critic and friend, Michele Laudig.

Gasp! Perhaps it was a food-poisoning-induced delirium that lead her to write the post. I hope not!

Joking aside, I love love love reading her Chow Bella posts everyday and the Cafe section in the weekly print.

Cheers Michele! I shall have to invent a new cocktail in your honor.