September 17th, 2011

Go ahead. Eat your face off. It’s Arizona Restaurant Week.


It’s no secret that my agency is working behind the scenes on this this year’s Arizona Restaurant Week — helping to make it bigger and better for diners and restaurants alike. People keep asking me for a prescribed itinerary. So here you go, a list of must-visit spots.

See some obvious picks missing? Well I thought I’d leave my clients out of the post — hell, there are plenty of amazing restaurants in the state that I don’t represent –yet.

Get your gourmand game day face on and let’s eat.

Criollo Latin Kitchen – Pictured above. It’s a rare occasion. You sit at a restaurant, pick up the menu and immediately want to order one of everything. Head north to Flagstaff and drop into Criollo Latin Kitchen to enjoy a must-order-everything experience. (While you’re there, visit their sister restaurant Brix. Both are destination-worthy  spots.)

Roka Akor – Butterfish Tataki for a starter? Done. Go here.

Feast – This really belongs on a wish list. I’ve never been, but many trusted foodniks fantasize about return visits to this southern AZ belle. If you go, also stop by Scott & Co. for cocktail nirvana.

Tommy V’s Urban Kitchen & Bar – In the location previously occupied by Café Caramaba near Old Town Scottsdale, this new Tommy V’s is victorious. My colleague and front-of-the-house aficionado Zoran Kilsara delivers a polished service backed by menu of Italian favorites. You’ll love it, promise. Hi Zoran!

Talavera – Anyone renting a spare bedroom in north Scottsdale? I’ll happily take up a second residence in the north Valley just to be nearer to Chef Mel Mecinas. His two-night pop-up restaurant at Cycle was outstanding. Back on his home turf at Talavera, he’s definitely one of my culinary crushes.

St. Francis – For some reason, people think I’m not a St. Francis fan. Wrong. To the contrary, I probably visit this restaurant once a month. Walking into the space is like putting on a stylish suit. You feel like a million bucks. Chef Aaron Chamberlin’s stellar food keeps this fashionable spot on the foodnik rotation.

Noca. – Chef Matt Taylor, I love you. There. I said it. Welcome home… now let’s eat.

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    Sounds good to me. If your in Havasu be sure to stop by Cabana Palms Beach.

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    When in Flagstaff, you have to visit Salsa Brava for delicious Mexican food. You can get the best Fine Dining at The Cottage Place. Try chef Frank Branham’s roasted duck.; lamb chops: shrimp bisque and creme brulee.

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    Well this weekend I will definitely try this one to check the taste.

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    Better make reservations on my schedule for this one, when is it going to start? and what time?

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    this reads great!