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Bloomberg dining critic goes after bogus bargains on deal sites.

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Fed up with ridiculous fine print restrictions on daily deal sites, Bloomberg dining critic Ryan Sutton created  Although it’s  focused on NYC, it’s a neat idea and a fun read. joins Sutton’s other website, which tracks price changes at restaurants.

Both are a mix of juicy facts and blunt opinions that also point out why professional journalism and critique are needed more than ever.

So are people taking advice from deal sites on where to dine, rather than the professionals? I hope not.

Maybe that’s why I like Gilt Taste. It’s an interesting hybrid of curated products, deals and editorial writing.

TOP PICKS: Candy for the eyes, mouth and brain.

Friday, July 8th, 2011


Although I haven’t bought anything form Gilt Taste yet, I visit the site every day. You should too. Lust-worthy photos, carefully curated products and smart writing (overseen by Ruth herself), inspires my inner cook and foodnik soul. Read the stories, they may be the best part.


The iconic “M” emblem from her posts clutters my Facebook feed daily. But it’s a good kind of clutter, full of juicy local food news, thoughtful reflections on AZ culture and saucy spy secrets. After all, she’s the “Agent of Secrets.” Duh.


The branding queens at See Saw Designs just plain rule. Their kingdom extends far beyond a typical, boring company website to a dreamy land of daily inspirations where a mishmash of fashion, interior design, graphic design, etcetera always bring a smile and a sigh.